Welcome to Luxembourg’s N°1 Bus & Store for organic & fair fashion!

We believe in a philosophy of making decisions for daily life called ethical living which concerns consumerism, sustainability, environmentalism etc.

#fairfashion #ethicalfashion #dontpanicitsorganic

Why are there organic grocery stores, but no shops selling sustainable fashion (bearing in mind that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters and violators of human rights!)?
Does sustainability always mean odd or do cool and fashionable labels exist?
How can we support a fashion revolution?
What can we do?

After answering the questions we set ourselves was when the idea of a Fashion Bus made its appearance:
a new and hopefully lasting concept of a MOBILE POP UP STORE!

We started planning the Fashion Truck in Summer 2014 and so the AKABOBUS opened in Spring 2015. The Bus is currently on hold.

The AKABOBUTTEK opened its doors in Autumn 2016.